Finding Vocation with Carolyn German

You get to choose who you want to be!

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  •  Nashville Cultural Arts
  • Why is nudity always one sided?
  • The status quo is allowed to step in and say “you’re crazy.”
  • Glen Campbell – Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife
  • Lucille Ball — Biography
  • “I think about the void that history has given us not because women weren’t doing anything but because people weren’t paying attention… I think for the most part people are busy getting the breakfast on the table and mortgage paid. I think there is a void of knowledge of the types of contributions women have made.”
  • As an artist I try to take in lots of input. I want to know how people think, talk, react.
  • Writing is NOT like having a baby.
  • Burden of Justice: 1863:
  • Signs of a New Day: The Z Alexander Looby Story
  • The Story Builders
  • Breaking a stereotype: You get to choose who you want to be
  • Being a Theatre Educator: Differentiating between acting identity and personal identity can be difficult for youth and children actors.
  • Not knowing exactly the way it is going to go – but TRUSTING AND WORKING
  • Modern Day Flapper Dog – Magnolia (Maggie)
  • The Best is yet to come (Thanks Frank!)

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