Body Obsessed with Marcia Mount Shoop

“Theology is about looking for the divine threads and the divine clues about not only our stated nature but also our redemptive capacity, for me that all starts in the body.” — Marcia

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Have you ever had the opportunity to have a long and deep conversation with someone who’s book transformed your life?  That happened to me when I interviewed Dr. Marcia Mount Shoop.

Unlike the tragic movie The Fault In Our Stars, my experience meeting the woman behind the book was incredible.  I was nervous but her gentle presence helped me relax within minutes.  I continued to learn what it means to live my faith in my body or, in theology words, understand embodiment.

Her book Let the Bones Dance gave me poetry and prose to help navigate the issue of sexual violence on college campuses in my thesis.  Her book Touchdowns for Jesus and Other Signs of Apocalypse opened my eyes to the good and need for healing in sports.

I’m in good company the New York Times interviewed Marcia too.

You should also follow Marcia’s Blog.

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